January 3rd

Hello again followers.  I have this weird quirk, I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I can’t wear the same color pants 2 days in a row… doesn’t matter if they are different styles or textures,  my brain just won’t let me do it so today I chose to wear blue.  The top is by Merona a brand of Target. I also have a navy blue tank under it because it is a little low cut. And I actually got the navy blue dress pants from the Goodwill (they actually have good reasonably priced stuff if you have the patience to look thru it).


underneath to make it work appropriate.  Also since it’s winter I have on Navy blue opaque  tights from K-Mart because it is much too cold for bare feet with my navy blue and gold Jennifer Lopez heels. I saw these shoes online and had to have them.  I searched for them everywhere until I found them on Poshmark. I got them for less than $20. Now that’s a steal 😁


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