Thursday, January 4

Teal and Gray15170746104331582385205




Good morning everyone. I decided to post separates today.  The sweater is teal… one of my favorite colors. I purchased this from K-Mart. The pants were a little hard to capture the colors but there are taea pinstripes going down them. I got these from the Goodwill.  Whenever I need a couple of dress pants and I don’t have a lot of money to work with… The Goodwill is my go to place especially in winter when I wear mostly pants. The shoes are black platform stilleto pumps. Her name is Nikita. Isn’t she beautiful. 😙 (I also have these in nude. Did I ever mention that I have a shoe obsession?) For accessories, I paired my teal eyeglasses and teal ball earrings.  Great pop of color for such a cold dreary day. Oh,  and in case i forgot to tell you,  I live in Detroit,  MI.  This is day 11 of this crazy Arctic deep freeze. Trying to stay warm and fashionable. See you guys later.

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