January 5 Causal Friday




As a leasing consultant of a midtown apartment building complex,  I spend 9 hours a day in a office interacting with residents,  prospects,  contractors, inspectors,  etc.  My dress code varies between business casual to business professional depending on my day.  Friday’s are business casual – jeans and gym shoes allowed but no t-shirts, hoodie, or other athleisure attire.

I say all of this to say, on super cold days like today (day 12 of Arctic Blast) maybe you want layer up. Now even though we have the iron to wear jeans and gym shoes,  I decided to wear a long sleeve white tshirt with a black vest over it.  Both items ate from Kmart. I paired it with thick black opaque tights.  The black lace up boots are from Justfab. I also had on a black and white handkerchief scarf but got to hot and removed it. And there you go… warm, comfortable,  and work appropriate. Next Friday i well wear jeans to show you how to wear jeans in a work appropriate business casual manner.  See you next week.

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