Friday January 12th

Hi everyone.  Let me start by saying you have to love Michigan’s weather.  Yesterday was a near record setting temperature of 56° and today we experienced rain,  sleet,  ice, and snow within a four hour time span.  It currently feels like about 9°. It’s mind boggling but you get used to it in the Mitten. We are generally prepared for any season to strike in any month. 🙄 Well,  on to fashion.

My outfit of the day consisted of a long sleeve v-neck from Target, high waisted light colored acid wash jeans from Jimmy Jazz (they were on sale for $12) and tan winter boots with sweater material. I bought the boots from Justfab as part of their 3 pairs of  boots for $39.95 deal. The tan sweater is also Justfab.  I coordinated the look with black jewelry set from K-Mart and a black stretchy waist belt.  Cute and practical for disaster of day weather-wise. Well that’s all folks. Thank for stopping in to see me this week. See you all back next week for more business casual fashion.


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