Week 3 Monday January 15th

Hi everyone. First I would like to take a moment to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr birthday today.  I hope everyone, especially my fellow African Americans, took some time to learn something or do something educational in honor of the civil rights icon.

My company does not recognize Martin Luther King day as an observed paid holiday so I did  have to work today. I decided to wear off white, tan,  and brown.  The striped sweater is by Cato.  I can’t remember exactly where i purchased it but I believe it was Macy’s.  The tan duster is by Justfab.  I love this duster so much.  I like to wear it short sleeve dresses to be a little warmer or with a shorter dress to keep my legs a little warmer.  This gorgeous duster was $39.99. The knee high boots are also by Justfab.  Her name is Coremma. I finished the look with pearl earrings. And that’s all.  Hope yippy enjoyed this look.  See you tomorrow



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