WEEK 6 Monday Feb 5th Blue Week

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of my affordably fashionable business casual blog.  As I previously mentioned last week, I decided the theme for this week would be blue.  Also I am in much higher spirits today than last week (I think the Super Bowl may have had something  to do with that) 😉.

Anywho, on to fashion.  So to kick off Blue Week,  I started with a brown button up that I  kinda stole from my boyfriend.  It fit me perfectly (boyfriend’s are a great source of button up shirts esp if he’s in the business world) I believe he purchased it from Burlington… one of our favorite shopping stores. I wore the button up under a navy blue sweater that I actually purchased from the men’s section of H&M. It was only $7. My boyfriend has an identical one. I went with a neutral tan pant from Gloria Vanderbilt. I purchased these from Sears for $10. The shoes are Polo canvas shoes.  The colors are navy blue, brown, and cream. ( i also have These in cream and brown). These are from Journeys.  They were $49. A whole outfit under $100 with shoes included!!!  Now that’s how you do affordable fashion.

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