Thursday Feb 8


Day 4 of BLUE WEEK

Hi again everyone. Welcome to day four of blue week. Today I went for a simple blue and black look.  The blue and black v neck high low sweater is by Mossimo a brand of Target. The slim fit dress pants are by Covington a brand of Sears. These pants fit amazingly.  I purchased them from a Sears going out business sale. They were on sale for $5. Now you know i was trying to buy every pair they had,  unfortunately this was the only pair they had left in my size. The black and gold ankle boots are by Scene for Shoedazzle.  I finished the look with black dangle earrings and a black statement necklace.  Pretty and simple.  Due to the pending snowstorm in Michigan I’m not sure if I’ll be going to work tomorrow.  If I don’t,  then I’ll just post on Friday what I would have worn of I was going to work.  Ok well stay safe and warm.  See you tomorrow

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