WEEK 7 Monday Feb 12th Red week



Hey everyone.  Welcome to the week of love.  In honor of love week and Valentine’s day being on Wednesday I will be wearing red ask week.  And even though I have enjoyed the challenge of my color weeks,  this will be my last week of color challenges.  I’ll have to find a new thrilling way to get through all of my clothes and shoes.  And btw, have you noticed that i have not repeated a single pair of shoes yet,  (gasp 😮) let’s see how long I can go.

Well on to today’s outfit.  The black wrap dress is H&M. The red tank undershirt is Basic Edition from K-Mart. The red and black shooties are by of course Justfab; they cost $39.95 and the red and black infinity scarf is from a three pack of infinity scarves from Wal-Mart.  The three pack was $10. I finished the look with red geometric dangle earrings.  And this is my ootd. Hope you enjoyed.  See you tomorrow.

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