Final week of 2018 Week 38 Days 186-190

Hi readers and fellow fashionistas,

First let me thank all of you for supporting and encouraging me on my very first blog. I wasn’t sure at first if I would even be able to complete 1 year of blogging.  I went from blogging posts everyday with selfies,  to weekly posts with outfits only.  I’m not sure which i prefer yet, I guess it depends on the week. For those who do not know why there are only 38 weeks instead of 52… I had surgery on February to remove a tumor in my right foot, thank God the tumor was non-cancerous, however I did develop a very rare complication known as CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). From my right hip to my toes,  I experience burning nerve pain and hypersensitive skin to the point where some days I cannot wear clothes esp. pants. I was on FMLA for 12 weeks and spend another 2 weeks before I was able to return to work.  sometimes the medication marked me so tired that i can’t think and i have to go to sleep as soon as i get home from work. That is the reason for the sporadic posts and short year. I have appreciated all of your week wishes. I am going to continue my posts next year but it will be a lil different. In 2019, the pats will be more personal with my thoughts and feelings a well as capsule wardrobes (I’ll explain what that is for those who do not know,  and other ways to assist women with dressing stylish, affordable, and work appropriate. Cheers to another year 😁 🤗

Day 186 Christmas Eve

Day 187 Christmas Day

Day 188

Day 189

Day 190


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