Happy New Year 2019 Day 1

Hi everyone,

For those who followed me last year,  thank you for returning and much love to you,  fit those who are new to my blog,  welcome and thank you for reading.  I am starting this year with something different.  I love challenging myself.  My first challenge of the year will be a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is when you take a certain number of clothing items and turn them into complete outfits for a certain period of time.  HERE is my example of the capsule wardrobe that I am sampling.


I will use this wardrobe for 30 Days (5 outfits a week over 6 weeks). Capsule wardrobes are meant you stretch your imagination by forcing you to create new outfits while also extending  the use of items already in your closet.  If I decide to do another capsule wardrobe, I will invite my readers to join me and let’s see what we make.  In the mean time here is my first outfit.


Blue blazer: Insight

Blue and white striped shirt: Attention (Kmart)

Tan pants: Merona (Target)

Tan flats: Bongo (Kmart)

I will post my entire version of my capsule wardrobe I’m just to tired tonight. Goodnight loves, see you tomorrow.


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