Day 4 Friday I Need some advice ppl

Hello readers,

I’m going to post my outfit of the day but I also what discus something serious with you all. First the ootd.



Striped sweater: Halogen

Burgundy shift dress: Justfab

Black duster: Wal-Mart

Burgundy boots: Justfab

questions answers signage
Photo by Pixabay on

Ok on to the serious stuff:

I have been struggling with something today. Have any of you ever been in a relationship with someone and your mother/ father/ family hated them? What did you do?

I’m asking because I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 5 years now,  living together about 3 years. We are not engaged; we do not have children. My entire family dislikes him and his family is not fond of me.  We do not have interactions with each other’s families. I would like us to get married and start a family but at this point idk what to do.  Is love strong enough to overcome no family support? I really hope I get some feedback because I really need some advice.

Thank you all in advance. See you tomorrow.

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