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Hello everyone. To those of you who are new to my page, welcome, and to all of my readers and followers, hello again. This is my first post since February 2020. 😲 I could I could not believe so myself so I had to go back and double check. There have been so many things happening with myself, my family, and the world in general that I felt it would be inappropriate to post about my “flyness” lol with everything going on. I’m going to update you all on a few things. First, I had surgery for the 3rd time in as many years. This time it was back surgery. At the end of February, I had surgery to have a spinal cord stimulator implant implanted in my spinal cord (Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like) It regulates my pain receptors by sending electrical pulses thru my spinal cord to reduce my pain. So far it has relieved about 75% of my pain caused by CRPS. What a relief it has been! Definitely worth the process.

About 3 weeks after returning to work, I contacted the Coronavirus and was very sick for about 3 weeks. I spent my 31st birthday under quarantine. After I fully recovered and returned to work, Michigan was in full blown shut down mode, however, due to working at an apartment building my job was deemed essential and I have continued to work thru the pandemic which has had it’s positives and negatives. Though I survived the Coronavirus, Sadly, my uncle did not. He passed away on Mother’s day to the Coronavirus complicated by Diabetes. On a positive note, my niece, Aria, was born on April 1st. My baby brother, sister-in-law, and niece are all happy and healthy.

Another reason that I decided to wait until August to post again is due to the several recorded acts of police brutality against people of color during the month of June. I was always told that if you don’t have anything positive to say, then don’t say anything at all. I really struggled with being silent for several reasons which I will not lost all of those reasons at this time however I will say that I am a Black woman, my boyfriend is a black man, my brother’s are black men and my nephew who just turned four in July is a little black boy. My nephew asked me this summer after hearing the police siren coming down the street, “Titi, is that the good police or the bad police?” I asked Jaiden, “what is the good police and bad police?” He responded, “the good police save people and the bad police kill people.” For a 3 year old to say that to me literally broke heart and bright tears to my eyes. Enough said.

Anyway, on a happier note, As of July 21st, my 5 year anniversary of being with my company, I was promoted to Recertification Specialist and received a significant pay raise. This is definitely grounds for celebration. So here’s to me celebrating. Thanks for reading. Praying the second half of 2020 is healthier and happier than the first half.

Peace and love,


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